Telecommunications Utility

Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility is considering launching a Municipal Telecommunications Utility. We are one of a number of Iowa Municipal Utilities that are considering community broadband.  Maquoketa, along with Charles City, Decorah, New Hampton, Hudson and Reinbeck are at different stages of the feasibility process .

The vision is to look at all possibilities and opportunities to install, lease, partner, etc. fiber assets to gain access to tier one bandwidth providers, and subsequently lower prices through aggregation, for the benefit of our communities.

It is no secret that rural communities like ours are being shorted by the incumbent investor-owned telecommunications companies. The internet and companion services that we have come to rely upon have become integral to our lives. As your publicly owned electric utility, we feel it is our responsibility to investigate the possibility and practicality of installing a fiber optic system and share the results with you.

As of May, 2017 Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility has obtained bids from four companies to perform a Fiber To The Premise [FTTP] Feasibility Study for our community.  The selection of the successful bidder will take place following a referendum during the November 2017 General Election in which voters will determine if Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility shall be the governing body of the Municipal Telecommunications Utility.

We look forward to providing further information to keep you abreast of our activities. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback on your interest in Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility entering the Telecommunications Utility arena.

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