Heat Pump Technology and Rebates

Now maAC Heat Pumpy be a good time to consider upgrading to heat pump technology for your heating and cooling equipment.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled space. Heat pumps use electric energy as their fuel source.

Heat pump technology has improved greatly over the last several years. Visit the links below to learn more about how heat pumps can be used in different equipment.

Learn about heat pumps used in HVAC equipment.
Learn about heat pumps used in water heating equipment.
Learn about heat pumps used in clothes drying equipment.

Heat Pump Rebates Offered by MMEU

Currently, MMEU offers rebates for the following equipment using heat pump technology: HVAC Equipment, Water Heaters, and Clothes Dryers. The equipment must meet various efficiency criteria in order to be eligible for rebates.

MMEU Heat Pump HVAC Equipment Rebate

MMEU Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

MMEU Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Rebate

Heat Pumps and the Inflation Reduction Act

In 2022, the Federal government passed legislation known as the Inflation Reduction Act. As part of this legislation, heat pump technology is being incentivized for those businesses and homeowners who purchase/install qualifying equipment. More information on the Inflation Reduction Act can be found on the EPA website and the Department of Energy's clean energy tax credit summary.