Find an EV Charging Station

TheEV Charging Station majority of EV charging happens at home or work. But where do you charge when those places aren’t an option? The good news is that there are now many online tools and apps available to help plan your route and find the nearest charger.

Downtown Maquoketa Charger

The City of Maquoketa and Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility have teamed up to support clean energy by providing a place for EV owners a place to charge their vehicle while they visit the community. A level two, dual head EV charger has been installed and is now ready for use in the public parking lot at 113 South Second Street. The charger allows two vehicles to use it at the same time and is available to the public 24 hours a day. The cost to charge is a $0.50 connection fee and $0.13 per kWh plus applicable tax.             MMEU Public Charger info.

Open Charge Map

A global database of EV charging stations, managed and populated by EV drivers from all over the world.


A database of over 50,000 charging stations with lots of filtering options. 


Search the available public EV charging stations nearby or help plan your upcoming trip.

Google Maps

In order to find an EV charger near you, search within Google Maps for either “EV Charging” or “EV Charging Stations,” and you will be shown the nearest charging locations.

You can also download one of the many EV charging station apps to your phone.