Electric Department

Local Electric Department changing street light bulbMaquoketa Municipal Electric Utility maintains an electric distribution system that services over 3,500 customers in the City of Maquoketa, Iowa. The purpose of this distribution system is to "step down" the 34,500 volt power that is delivered to our substations via cross-state transmission lines from our power supplier, providing electricity to your home or business at the appropriate safe voltage.

Our electric utility staff is responsible for maintaining three substations and many miles of overhead and underground conductor. 

In preparing for the future Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility is upgrading its Allen Street Substation from 34,500 volts to 69,000 volts at an $2,100,000.  The upgrade will be completed prior to the expected increase in voltage delivered to the city by our transmission provider.

Hundreds of distribution transformers regulate the voltage measured by over 3,500 meters used by our customers. To better understand the different parts of our electrical system and which parts we are responsible for, check out our Electrical Service Components fact sheet.

Meter Reading & Billing

Gone are the days when a utility employee would walk to each and every meter to ‘read the meter’. Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility collects usage data from your electric meter with an Automated Metering Infastructure (AMI) device. Our data collection system reads your meter from a distance and stores that information in a format that is then downloaded into our billing software to help produce your monthly billing statement.


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