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    At Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility we don't just provide the power you use everyday. We are also invested in our community. After all, we live here too.

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    Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility has programs that can help your family save energy and money at home.

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    At Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility we know your time is important so we give you several quick and easy ways to pay your bill.


Did you know that Electric Energy Costs more in the summer?

Because of increased air conditioning uses, overall customer demand for electricity is at its highest in the summer months - and...


The upgrading of engines #3 & #6 has been completed at the MMEU North Power Plant.  This means we now have 8 engines RICE/NESHAP compliant and scheduled into the MISO Capacity Market.


Wednesday - October 11, 2017 - 4:30pm